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Harp On It by Color Club

This is the first holographic nail polish I’ve used and I was so excited to try it. I loved the way it looked and thought it was going to be awesome because I’ve heard nothing but good things about Color Club. I ordered it along with Color Club’s “Magic Attraction” (I’ll post a review for that and other glitter polishes later). 

I have no idea what is up with this nail polish.

Not even 24 hours after putting it on, it started chipping. It goes on nicely, though it’s kind of thin. It took three coats for it to be opaque. After it starts chipping, though, the rest of it quickly goes. It’s kind of flaky, too.

I still can’t get over how quickly it started chipping though. I’ve never had a nail polish chip so quickly on me. Maybe it’s me; maybe it was my base coat or my top coat or I didn’t put enough on (three coats should normally be enough for most thin polishes though).

I would recommend this if you’re going for a night out or anything that requires a one-time wear. Nothing long term, though.

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